Spring, a season of new beginnings…

Flowers are blooming, days are longer, and everything feels refreshed, so what better time to remind you about Christal Cosmetics Clarifying Toner, the perfect tool in your skin care routine to leave you feeling (and looking) fresh faced.
Our skin was designed for warmer climates, the extra lipids cause blocked pores if not cleansed properly, but our skin is also as sensitive, if not more so, than other skin tones. Applying the toner after cleansing helps to remove dead layers of skin and tighten the cells, revealing a bright, natural glow.
Yes, it’s been a long day, and the only thing you want to do is sleep but forget the fatigue. Always remember to remove all the impurities that your skin has attracted during the day and remove makeup completely by following your facial routine. The third step in the routine we have designed, specifically created for the needs of ethnic skin, is the toner. The toner is made up of naturally occurring ingredients instead of the traditional facial tonics which contained alcohol to remove excess oil from the skin.
How to use our toner
Apply twice a day using a cotton pad:
· In the morning to eliminate the sebum produced while we sleep without harming the production of the natural oils of our skin
· At night to eliminate impurities that accumulate during the day.
Spritz throughout the day:
· To refresh make up, cool you down, lift your face when going from day-to-night
Benefits of using Christal Cosmetics Clarifying Toner
· Helps remove excess sebum, dead cells, and makeup residue.
· Balances the pH of the face after cleaning.
· Revitalizes and rejuvenates the skin, promoting the production of collagen and elastin.
· Reduce inflammations and redness.
· Closes dilated pores after cleaning.
Remember that our skin is sensitive, so we should look for products suitable for our needs. Always avoid toners containing alcohol since it can cause the appearance of spots and produces dry skin.
Our products at Christal Cosmetics, as I mentioned before, are targeted to the needs of ethnic minority skin; the way we age is not caused by the loss of collagen (which causes wrinkles) but because of the loss of elastin (which causes drooping).