Founder: Crystal Kassi

"Any makeup artist who are continually working on facial skin of her clients will eventually develop a healthy interest in dermatology and herein I was no exception. This also led to an additional concern and that was whether the products which I was using on a daily basis were indeed completely safe to be used on my clients. It was my black clientele that I especially focused on and this led me to do many courses especially relating to better skincare and finding more adequate moisturising products. I also experimented with many of my own products and eventually this experimentation evolved into a full-fledged cosmetic range and this is how Christal cosmetic products was established".

Christal cosmetics is definitely a rising star within the specialised ethnic cosmetic care industry even more so because each and every product comes from a woman who has decades of experience in treating black skin and has a deep understanding the need to use high quality moisturising creams. Therefore it does not come as a surprise that the sales of Christal cosmetics are continually increasing and is becoming more and more popular among consumers which is really a fitting testament to the unceasing dedication of Crystal and her team.

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