Best Facial Skincare Product


I've been using Christal's lactic acid for over 6 months now to treat my ingrown hairs and it is by far the best product I've used and the only product I will be using for this purpose. I have extremely curly hair and suffer from painful ingrown hairs. Not only is this product soothing for those painful areas, but continued and consistent use has almost completely prevented them from occurring at all. I would highly recommend this product, not only is it soothing but it has actually helped to get rid of some of the scaring left from those ingrown hairs. Just an amazing product!

Rene A

London, England

"If you're still on the fence, take it from Shantel and her glowing review!"

Ive been using Christal's treatment pack for 3 months now and can honestly say its done wonders for my skin. My main problem areas were hyperpigmentation, visible pores and breakouts. Since using, I’ve seen a big improvement in my pores, where they are less visible and my hyperpigmentation has significantly reduced, leaving me with an overall brighter and hydrated finish. Ive tried many dermatologist recommended products and nothing has worked as well as this treatment pack here. I’ve received many compliments about my skin, and have not stopped recommending this treatment pack. Defo worth trying!!

by Shantel S. 

London, England


All I can say is Wow!!  Thank you Christal For starting me of on a healthy looking glow

My sis and I met up with this wonderful woman call Christal who talked to us about the beauty products. 
Bought Love your Skin 14 days challenge. Started this last time week Monday. 
All I can say is Wow!! 
Thank you Christal
For starting me of on a healthy looking glow

All my life I have been using medical creams and ointment for face because of my eczema and very dry skin and very sensitive. 
Now this product has changed my face from greasy to non greasy thank you Christal. Will be ordering you facial products from now on.

Liz Bicette 

London, England

Review of the body wash and double whipped body butter

I bought your products from your daughter at the Africa Utopia festival and I am so glad I did. The shower gel leaves me skin feeling clean and not dry. The body butter is my favourite as after two days use my skin is glowing, retains moisture and feels firmer. Thank you for the innovation and as a woman of colour it is rally inspiring to see you and your daughter enterprising and selling such wonderful products for other women of colour. There is a real need for more of these products made by black women for black women, especially in the African continent. I wish you all the success you dream of. Best wishes xx

Louise K.

London England

Amazing products

Hi, my names A. foster. I recently came across your product. In fact it was at the hair and beauty convention (of late May) 

The products are amazing. I've had so many compliments on how well my skin has improved. 

Now as a model, clear skin is a must have and I just wanted to congratulate you on your product as I find it beneficial. If I could purchase a lifetime supply I would

Just wanted to say A huge thank you on behalf of my happy skin

A. Foster

London England



I absolutely adore the products that you sent me and would like to thank you for that, there has been a noticeable difference in my skin. It looks a lot fresher and clearer and my spots have cleared up in such a short time. My Mum has been using the Sebum Balancer Moisturiser and her face now has a far more even tone then it did previously. She is very happy with the improvements.


London, England

Love my eyebrow and my products
Love my eyebrows and my products have been using products and extremely happy with them. Will continue to use them and purchase more as I love the way they make my face feels.


London, England

London England

When I was a teenager I think I used nearly every kind of skin cream and face wash in the effort to achieve smooth skin. As I became a young adult I was resigned to the fact that my face will always be spotty. I remember many times looking in the mirror and really disliking how my face looked, there were times where the bumps on my face where so bad that I didn't want to go outside. But when I met Crystal and started using her products and receiving her facials, that all changed. The spots on my face drastically reduced and for the first time in my life I felt like it was possible for my face to look better.

My skin is now so much better than it used to be, it has never returned to the dark, patchy and bumpy quality that used to distress me.

I would encourage everyone to try Christal products because you will definitely see the benefits and a lasting change in your skin!

Anastasia Osei-Kuffour

London United Kingdom